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Property Deeds

In 100 Block of West Beach
Deed Book 34, 165     2-15-1890
John and Mary Dale conveyed to Ellen Marmion (their adopted daughter) an 85' Gulf Lot to Second St that was owned since 1874.  S= Gulf, N= Second St, E= Roderic Seal, W= Charles Kohler

110 & 116 West Beach

 40'  plus 71'  Seal, Latreyte, Liversedge, Dale
Two pieces of Property

Deed Book 45, 65          8-8-1900     Deed of Partition by Heirs of Roderic Seal
Marshall Seal and Florian Seal for $1, conveyed to Mrs Mary N Seal.  She received several lots, in particular: S= Gulf, N= Second St, W= Dale, E= Brandt     

Deed Book  52, 538     9-12-1902     Seal to Latreyte
Mary N Seal for $1,400 sold to Marguerite Latreyte,  S= Gulf, N= Second St, W= Dale, E= Brandt, Terrell, and DeTrapani

Deed Book   156, 554     2-15-1924     Latreyte to Liversedge
Marguerite Latreyte sold for $2,000 to Agnes Nelson Liversedge, 40' Gulf front to Second St, S= Gulf, N= Second St, W= Ellie M Dale, E= Brandt, Terrell, and Marie Straub Bussey
Note: Mary Agnes Nelson was wife of John C.Liversedge, mother of Anna Louise Liversedge, and cousin to her next door neighbor, Ellie Marmion Dale adopted daughter of John and Mary Dale.  And Jane Elizabeth Lang was her niece.

Deed Book   202, 329          8-21-1934     Beach Lot     Liversedge to Dale
Mrs Agnes Nelson Liversedge for $1.00, conveyed to Ellie M Dale (her cousin) a Beach Lot with house called The Acorn,  W= Simpson (later by Barksdale and Tschopik) E= Liversedge, N= Front St.

Deed Book  307, 404          Get Date     Inland lot     Dale/Liversedge to Haas
Mrs Agnes Nelson Liversedge, heir of Ellie Marmion Dale, sold for $2000 to Sidney N Haas, 73' on Second St by 144', N= Second St, S= Agnes Liversedge, E= Anna Louise Liversedge, W= Williams.

Deed Book   354, 59     3-31-1952     Dale to Liversedge to Phelps
                                      (former Stuffed Shirt Factory, now Storageville)
John C Liversedge, Widower of Mary Agnes Nelson Liversedge, sold for $20,000 to Joseph and Susan Phelps, lot located 182.3' west of west boundary line of Charlot Tract, a portion of his property described as 71' on Front Street north by 310' approx, S= Front St., N= Haas, E= Liversedge, W= Courtenay

Pass Christian Beach Front Owners in 1930
Small Street names off to right were non-existent in the early 1920s and start from Second Street, not Beach Front.

145'     Public School (replaced by current City Hall in 1970)
Hiern Avenue
64'     EA Lang
64'     Mrs L Desposito
63'     O. Cavanaugh
56'     SF Northrop
96'     Misses Hart
---------------------------------------------(Hart Alley) Hunter Avenue
96'     Mrs JC Liversedge
96'     Fitzpatrick Estate
----------------------------------------------Demetz Avenue
80'     Mrs IL Simpson
78'     Miss E.M. Dale
42'     Mrs JC Liversedge
----------------------------------------------Clarke Avenue
75'     GP Brandt
50'     Mrs Nellie Lang
86'     Mrs Nellie Lang
Old City Hall at foot of Market Street

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