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To: <Ask@DanEllis.Net>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 06:34:45 -0500
Subject: Marmion Family
I'm trying to research the families of Arthur Marmion, John Dale Nelson and Liversedge. Do any of your works touch on any of these families?
One obit for Eloise Marmion said she was from a prominent family in Pass Christian but I can't seem to find any references to that. Some of these family members are buried in St. Paul's Cemetery in Pass Christian but I am told by the church there most records were lost during Hurricane Camile.
I would apprecite any information you might be able to help me with.
Barry Boecher
Beaumont, TX

From: "John Gattis" <>
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Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:18:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Marmion
Do you know whom the Isabel Hogan Nelson might be?  I figure she was a wife of one of the children of John Nelson.
Also how about Mary Ann Nunn.  Maybe the mother of Samuel Nunn, husband of Ada Nelson
>>> Dan Ellis <> 5/5/04 1:39:24 PM >>>
Just got around to make a cemetery visit
Nelson * Marmion * Dale * Nunn Families
St. Paul Cemetery * large tomb located East from main entranceway
Contains 3 marble inscription slates
Mary Marmion Dale                    3/30/1922        80
Ada Nelson Nunn                       1/16/1926        72
Eloise Lavalle Marmion             6/26/1933        74
Loretta May Nelson                   10/27/1934        59
Ella M Dale                                  12/17/1947        77
Agnes Nelson Liversedge        12/17/1947        81
John Chadwick Liversedge        6/29/1969        97
Anna Louise Liversedge             7/16/1972        63
Selina Marmion                           9/21/1867
Catherine Marmion                     7/17/1869
Samuel B Nunn                           1/15/1881
Nelson B. Lang                            8/---------
James Marmion                          9/21/1884        21
Mary Ann Nunn                            11/1/1876        46
Anna Marmion                          3/28/1888        78
Capt. John Nelson                    5/13/1896        76
John Pettit Nelson                   11/25/1896        40
John J Dale                                5/13/1898        64
Jane Marmion Nelson             4/24/1909        75
Isabel Hogan Nelson              4/29/1917        50

Above is the burial tomb for the names listed.

From: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 09:50:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Marmion

On Nunn

Deed Book 7-2, p. 479        5-20-1854 Larned Davis sold for $150 to Henry Nunn, Lot #16 north of St. Louis Street by 45', E= 105' on Clarence Street, 45' from Clarence St.  adjoining M. Murrells.
Deed Book 25, 538        10-18-1890 HC and Alice Howe of New York sold for $3500 to Louise Richardson, a 106' Gulf lot by 40 arpent -- less 4 small lots within, located north of RR tracks, previously sold.  N= Mrs MC Dewees, S= Gulf, W= Rod Seal and Mrs Ada Nunn, E= Clausel Courtenay Estate
Deed Book 83, 75                5-20-1905        Recorded 9-20-1907                See DB 25, 538 Louise Clack Dickson, daughter of Mrs Louise Richardson, sold to Marie J  Olivier for $6000 a 106' Gulf lot (being a part of land conveyed by Alice M Howe and HC Howe to Mrs Louise Richardson on 10-18-1890
S= Gulf, N= formerly Richardson, to John Weis, to SJ Saucier W= formerly Rod Seal and Mrs Nunn, E= Courtenay Estate


From: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:16:21 -0600
Subject: Re: Marmion in Pass Christian

The Nelson Hotel
The site of the present Hancock Annex Building reportedly had been the Oak Lawn Inn, a hotel operated by a family named Henderson. That hotel burned down sometime prior to 1925.
Later, a two-story garage was built, which in 1925 was renovated to accommodate a two-story brick building that was converted into a 15-room hotel by Andrew J. Nelson.
Although the hotel was dedicated to transient visitors, there were a number of local citizens who established full time residency there. Those persons were called "Steady Roomers."
In the 50s, 60s and early 1970s, the Hotel was owned and operated by Mrs. Margaret McGrath, who continued its mixed-use to include several businesses, such as a chiropractic office, a beauty shop, an antique shop and the Beachcomber Cafe (which closed in 1976).
A predecessor restaurant was Rhyneís Cafe during the early Ď30s.
With Hurricane Camilleís destructive forces in August 1969, all the waterside business were destroyed. Remaining, facing the Gulf on Scenic Drive, were a number of heavily damaged structures. The Nelson Hotel partially re-opened in October 1969 and continued operations until 1976 or 1977. The Hancock Bank acquired the hotel for use by its adjoining Branch banking facility. The Nelson Hotel underwent partial demolition in 1979 and reopened in 1981 as the Hancock Bank Annex. Humorously, the local residents dubbed it the "Half-Nelson."
At its dedication, the former site provided new banking drive-in window bays and a renovated office structure in Greek Revival mode in complimenting the architectural ambiance of the Branch Office and the beauty of Scenic Drive.
The Annex now houses the offices of Fillette Green & Co. Inc.

From: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 12:53:28 -0600
Subject: Re: Marmion in Pass Christian

Liversedge home at 111 W Beach destroyed by Camille
Deed Book 156, 554          2-15-1924
Marguerite Latreyte sold for $2,000 to Agnes Nelson Liversedge, 40' Gulf front to Second St, House was called "The Acorn" S= Gulf, N= Second St, W= Ellie M Dale, E= Brandt, Terrell, and Marie Straub Bussey
Deed Book 202, 329          8-21-1934
Mrs Agnes Nelson Liversedge for $1.00, conveyed to Ellie M Dale a Beach Lot, W= Simpson (later by Barksdale and Tschopik) E= Liversedge, N= Front St.
Deed Book 307, 404         Get Date (1948)
Mrs Agnes Nelson Liversedge, heir of Ellie Marmion Dale, sold for $2000 to Sidney N Haas, 73' on Second St by 144', N= Second St, S= Agnes Liversedge, E= Anna Louise Liversedge, W= Williams.

Deed Book 354, 59           3-31-1952      Dale to Liversedge to Phelps
John C Liversedge, Widower of Mary Agnes Nelson Liversedge, sold for $20,000 to Joseph and Susan Phelps, lot located 182.3' west of west boundary line of Charlot Tract, a portion of his property described as 71' on Front Street north by 310' approx, S= Front St., N= Haas, E= Liversedge, W= Courtenay

Harrison County Marriages
MARMION, Henry M              SWANSON, Maria B      1854
SIMS, Eugenia
ARMSTRONG, Sebron         DALE, Eliza                     1846
BOND, Rankin DALE,         Charret J 1846
DALE, G                                THOMAS, E R                  1884-Jan-03
DALE, Harry                          BOND, Eliza                    1846-Nov-05
DALE, I G                              THOMAS, E R                  1884-Jan-03
DALE, J N                             SIMS, Eugenia                 1878-Jul-22
DALE, John                          BOND, Elizabeth Mrs      1854-Dec-12
DALE, John J                       MARMON, Mary E             1868-Jan-16
DALE, M A                             THOMAS, J E                     1877-Nov-23
DALE, Stephen K                BOND, Elizabeth I            1858-Oct-07
DALE, W R                           HATTEN, Almira               1887-May-19
JOHNSON, Levi                  DALE, Sarah                     1885-Dec-19
LINDSEY, Benjamin F        DALE, Virginia                  1878-Nov-10
SIMS, Eugenia                     DALE, J N                         1878-Jul-22
THOMAS, E R                      DALE, G                             1884-Jan-03
THOMAS, J E A                    DALE, M A                         1877-Nov-23
MERRITT, Sherrod A          NELSON, Mary L              1871-Mar-09
DOBSON, Robert               NELSON, Elizabeth         1878-Nov-16
LANG, John N                     NELSON, Nellie               1877-Nov-12
MERRITT, Sherrod A          NELSON, Mary L              1871-Mar-09
NELSON, Silas                   ROUSE, Eran                   1866-Jan-08
NELSON, Christian           HOLLEY, Rowina              1868-May-20
NELSON, Emanuel H       BURLESON, Casander   1876-Jul-12
NELSON, John M               MURRAY, Mary E               1848-Sep-02
NELSON, Silas                   ROUSE, Eran                    1866-Jan-10
NELSON, Wm                     REDMON, Rosa                1887-Apr-14
NUNN, Samuel B               NELSON, Ada M                1879-May-19
RICHARDS, J W                 NELSON, Annie                 1887-Jun-10
SMITH, Elisha                     NELSON, Susan                1849-Jun-13
WALKER, John W              NELSON, Eran Mrs             1878-Dec-24
From: B M <>
To: Ask@DanEllis.Net
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 08:19:10 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Questions, Questions, Questions!

Hi Dan!
I just want to say thank you for the amazing website you've created. If it weren't for you effort, we would know nothing about how our ancestors lived. I feel I go back to their era when I visit.  I know myself how difficult and time consuming it is to gather all of that historical is most appreciated.
We descend from Arthur Marmion of Ireland, but from previous generations doing genealogy it would seem there is no trace of him there (he is however in New Orleans, where he was an agent), his wife Catherine Murphy Marmion however is buried at St Paulís Pass Christian along with the other family members, Nelson, Dale, Lang, Leversedge, Nunn.
Recently we uncovered a letter from a cousin who was the previous generation's family genealogist (somehow someone silently takes up the pen and becomes record keeper ó can't figure how one gets appointed, but you can't fight it) She says in her letter written sometime in the 50's or 60's that she was visiting with Mr Leversedge who was 92 and his daughter Ann, they took her to Catherine's former house, that her sons built it for her and that she paid for it with her own funds ($300.00).  I find it most unusual that a woman of that era (she lived there in 1850, the house it is believed was built in 1855 and she died in 1869) had her own funds.
I understand that Hurricane Camille destroyed the home, but would there be any old pictures of the house that I could purchase?  I also have been told that there was a stained glass window in St Paulís that had the name "Marmion" in it, we can't figure how that happened but someone took a picture long ago and it was lost, would you know where I might find one?  Would you possibly know where I can get info on why this window had the name in it?  I have contacted St Paulís and they can tell me nothing because the hurricane destroyed their records. Sadly, it seems that nasty hurricane has destroyed a lot of our heritage!
Our families fondest wish is to see a picture of our original family members, we only have one and that is of Arthur and Catherine's son James.  I'm sure everyone has this same wish.  I believe they may have been captured on a picture somewhere in a group.  I also hope when I finally contact all the family members living today that someone may have a picture of someone in an old trunk somewhere.
I so apologize for my ramblings...I seem to have one foot in the past and one just barely in the present. I suspect you probably know how that is.
Any further light you can shed would be received with much gratitude.
Thanks again for your hard work on a very lovely website.
Brigitte Marmion


From: "Mr.Barry Boecher" <>
To: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 03:39:19 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The Nelson Marmion family
I want to thank you for helping Brigitte Marmion and me with the information you have supplied to us. Brigitte and I have been researching the Marmion family for over a year and a half and just recently uncovered the letters she wrote to you concerning the stained glass window that once was in the old St. Paul Catholic Church.
Much of my research has been to document data on both families and others that married into their families. My wife was a Marmion but not much work had been done on her side of the family and they asked me to see what I could find out.
Ms Powell, librarian with the Biloxi Library, has been very helpful to me and has been able to locate obits for me and other important data. From J H Lang's book "History of Harrison County Mississippi" I have been able to add to the Lang line. One of Capt Nelson and Jane Marmion children, Nellie Nelson ( 1856 - 1933) married J H Lang.
Just last month we uncovered a coroner's report for the death of Arthur Marmion, Oct 29, 1862, on Casa Cabo Street in New Orleans. We believe his body was taken to Pass Christian and buried in the family tomb in St Paul's Cemetery. However, we have not been able to verify that because I haven't been able to find any documentation. We do know his wife Catherine is buried there because her name is on the tomb. I have contacted the Church there for any data but most of their records were lost in Hurricane Camille.
According to early New Orleans City Directories Arthur was in the real estate business as early as 1849. We believe that the family had a home in Pass Christian sometime between 1849-1862. I'm still researching that theory. The letter Brigitte sent you seems to support that theory.
It is Brigittes' and my hope to finish the research that early Marmions were trying to do on their family.
Thank you for your time,

From: B M <>
To: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 12:11:24 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: The Nelson Marmion family
Hi Dan,
Wow you are fast! It is a beautiful job! It's very nice of you to give us an entire Web Page!  We're feeling pretty special today.
The Marmions in Ireland came there via Robert Marmion Norman Baron of Tamworth England, who invaded Ireland with Strongbow (Richard De Claire) in 1139 (Robert Marmion taking a chiftain's daughter as wife even though he had a wife in England...who's going to stop hi...he's an invader) I believe, prior to that, there is a french connection in Fonteney (may be horribly misspelled) But the Marmillion is so distant a connection I don't think it counts anymore. In England the Marmions prior to Ireland spelled it Marmyon. Sir Walter Scotts' poem (which was fiction) was based on this family in Tamworth.
You shed some interesting light on the Mary Marmion Dale adoption of Ellen. This has to be the Elenora Allen age 1 on the 1850 census. This also means the Mary never had any of her own children, the Ellie listed with her is the Allen daughter. That was a shock. This has to be why Eloise and Ellie called themselves half sisters, Mary raised both. It's amazing what you find when the smoke clears!
Thank you so very much!
Brigitte Marmion

From: B M <>
To: Dan Ellis <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 11:14:32 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Excerpt from your Email
Hi Dan,
Thank you for your very kind reply. I have the letter you request attached, though I'm afraid it won't shed very much light on the location of the house. I had hoped it would be a simple matter...nothing about piecing together ancestors lives is simple.
As to the attached letter I should clear up a few errors. Eloise mentions a Selina Marmion, this wasn't Arthur's sister, but his daughter in law who was married to his son Richard, her name was Selina Blair Marmion (I can find NOTHING on her family) and it seems she died of the fever, based on her dod.  Eloise Lavelle Marmion who lived with her Aunts Jane and Mary and died 1930's in Pass Christian was her daughter.
The original letter she refers to is the one (sent to you) from Cumberland in 1839. Arthur and Catherine Marmion were NOT English (good heavens!) Arthur's Uncle Christopher was imprisoned in Kilkeel Ireland for being part of the Wolf Tone Rising, he (Christopher) was never the same again.  
We are still wondering where Arthur is buried, Catherine and other family are in the Tomb in St Pauls Cenetery. There are 2 unmarked graves in front of the tomb, records as to who occupies them are lost. I hope they are buried together, but when there is no proof, you continue to wonder.
I don't know how much of the story you're interested in.....but believeing you are as addicted to history as we are, I'll take some liberties and tell you the whole story. Many apologies if this is overload. Arthur and Catherine also had a house in New Orleans. Arthur was a "house agent" Real Estate, and General Agent (we still don't know what the Gen Agt entailed) 287 Camp St. and listed in the N.O. city directory as such. They are on the census in N.O. in 1840. and on the census in Pass Christian in 1850. Arthur is 60, Catherine is 48, children :Laurence 23 is a dragman, Richard 21 is a cooper, James 20 is a baker, Henry 19 no occupation, Jane 17, Mary Ellen 13...and they adopted or raised Elenora Allen age 1. (looks like the Allens were neighbors and the father is listed with quite alot of children, as if this wife died in childbirth, and Catherine took charge of her.) This Elenora is the same woman listed in Eloise Lavelle Marmion's obit as half sister Ellie...she wasn't of course. Curiously Eloise was also listed as niece to E.B. and Ann Bolton in Pass Christian.  He was a military man, but have no idea how they are related, I can only surmise that it must have been through Selina Blair Marmion, I can find nothing further on them.
Arthur was born in County Down Ireland, he died Oct 29 1862 in New Orleans, while Butler "the beast" held the city.  He just dropped dead that evening.  There was a coroners inquiry, no foul play was found to have been the culprit. Both he and Catherine far exceeded the life expectancy of their time.
Catherine was born in Ireland.
Laurence was born in Dublin, Richard's birthplace is yet to be uncovered. James was born in Dublin. Henry was born in Newry, County Down Ireland, Jane was born in Dublin, Mary Ellen was born in Baltimore MD. The Marmion family in Ireland is fairly small, but our family is of the Down Marmions. The reason that some of the children were born in Dublin is because Arthur's family were flax growers (and beer brewers- but that got them into some trouble) and they had a house in Dublin for business purposes.
While the children grew up in New Orleans and Pass Christian. Laurence A. J. Marmion married Anna Fledderman of Hanover and he became a retail grocer in on Dryades St. Richard L. S.Marmion, after Selina died married Ellen (in N.O.), had more children, and then Elizabeth Kennedy, this lasted but a year, in time for her to have Richard Jr when Richard Sr. died and she remarried John Murray. Richard Sr.was a policeman in New Orleans. James Roger Marmion left for San Antonio, became a member of the Alamo Rifles, married Kate Lockmar, daughter of Anton Lockmar (Republic of Texas Army) and Apolinaria Trevino Lockmar Giraud (from the original 13 families of Canary Islanders to settle San Antonio) his step father in law was Francois Giraud, architect of San Fernando Cathedral.  James was a Captain in the Civil War and commanded the Matagorda district.  He owned the Bowie Tavern and Lockmar Inn.  I believe the building was once the Veramendi residence.  Finally in the 1880's, he was a postmaster.  Henry Murphy Marmion went to work for the Rail Road, as a carpenter, his first wife was Maria Blake Swanson (I can't tell if this was Swanson, the gardener or Swanson the contractor that was her parent,  I do know they were from England and lived in Pass Christian) Almost all of Henry's first family, Maria, and her children Walter, Robert, Adolph, James, John all died very young. Maria died giving birth to Robert, he died as well, she was only 33.  The only one surviving was Maria and Henry's oldest daughter, Henrietta.  By the time of the end of the Civil War, Henry met Mary Elizabeth Barrus, a school teacher during the civil war (very unusual!)  They moved from New Orleans to St. Landry. LA, with the rail road.  Eventually winding up in Houston Texas. They had a large family, their oldest son James Barrus Marmion was the last Mayor of Houston Heights, when it became incorperated into Houston he seved his community in other public service positions at City Hall. His pet project seemed to be the establishment of city parks for everyone. Marmion Park is named for him. Another son Charles Gresham Marmion had 2 sons both becomming Bishops in the Episcopal Church, of VA and KY.
Jane Elizabeth Marmion Nelson as you know married Capt John Nelson and remained in Pass Christian raising their large there. I do have pictures of her daughters, the 2 sisters of Mercy, who taught school there for a time, they were very musical, I also have their bio that I can pass on to you if you're interested. It seems the Nelson sons did not live to be very old.  Mary Ellen Marmion married John Jackson Dale, he was a member of the Dahlgren Guard in Pass Christian, on the various census he was a butcher, mechanic and sometime in the 1870's was a Mayor of Pass Christian.
I have more, but I'm sure I've exhausted you at this point. I would like to point out, all of this information was not gathered soley by myself, but also with much help from my cousin Barry (Boecher) who is working on this with me. (I don't know of any other family members working on the you have names?)  So could you put Barry and I in the grateful Marmion group, because we certainly are very much grateful to you to provide what you do on your most spectacular website, and your patient answers to our questions.
Brigitte Marmion

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